Promastretch Film



Traditional stretch film for palletizing as a standard has 17, 20, 23 and 30 microns. Proma stretch, implemented by P.H.U. and patented under the Promastretch name are construction films of small thickness of 5-6 microns, 7-mic, 8-mic, 9-micron, 10 micron, 11-micron, 12-micron and very good mechanical and physical properties. To make these properties significantly improved in comparison to conventional film we have used two sides, lateral reinforcement of the Promastretch film so that the 50-90 micron thick cords formed on the sides of the film of (the thickness of the film is dependent on the resulting film and the individual needs of the market). Edge film enforcements makes it stronger than traditional film with a "memory" effect that makes it return to its original state before applying it to the cargo, which is protected on the pallet. Efficiency and innovation lies in the fact that the cargo because of "memory" of the film is safe and stable and consumption of film looks like below. The table shows a comparative analysis:

35 DKG 17 DKG

Please note that the same cargo wrapped in Promastretch film was more secure and stable. In addition, the new generation of Promastretch film it is easier and "healthier" to work with - the same length is significantly lighter and easier to roll off and to apply it to cargo.


  • Reduction of polyethylene waste Promastretch 150% -230%
  • Promastretch Polyethylene is a product available for multi-processing  in the subsequent production of a variety of PE products


n addition to the standard cargo securing our film has been applied in other branches:

  • medicine. Particularly useful in technical rescue, mountain rescue, sanitation, etc.

Because it is easy to use (apply) and because it has "memory" it is ideal for quick dressing and bracing (you can wrap it quickly and tear it off without using additional tools such as a knife or scissors)

  • rehabilitation - cosmetic treatments