Fastening tapes

PP fastening tape (POLYPROPYLENE)

Polypropylene fastening tape for securing cartons / pallets with a maximum weight of about 400 kg. The tape is suitable for manual and for machine use. Excellent adaptability to fastened shape of the product - a convenient manual and machine fastening. The connection is made by welding or tensor and metal clip. PP tape is it safe for the environment – no problem with recycling.

On special order, we can make them for you in any color, width, and beam and with your company print.

Fastening PET tape (Polyester HARD)

Hard polyester tapes are used for securing heavy cargo. Their high strength and easy way of bonding and joining, make them increasingly popular in packaging systems. Whereas their lower price as compared to steel tapes makes them more common in banding, where up to now steel tapes were used.


Flexible soft and durable tape to secure heavy cargo. It adopts well to clipped shape. It is convenient both for manual and machine strapping. The connection is made by welding or a metal clip. Its maximum strength is 910 kg.


Woven polyester tapes are designed for banding heavy and very heavy cargo. The woven tape is made of polyester yarn, which is laid longitudinally and laterally increasing the strength and flexibility. In addition, high resistance to wear on edges is the advantage of woven tapes.

STEEL fastening tape

Primarily used for fastening pallets with heavy commodity, bonding metal objects, building materials, etc. It is suitable for mechanical manual and pneumatic strapping machine. The widths we offer are: 13, 16 and 19 mm, frosted and painted.


Wire clips are used to bond the fastening tapes and fixing and cargo binding systems. Depending on the width of the tape used appropriately sized clips are applied. Each clip is made of high quality wire and coated with glossy zinc or dark phosphate.

Types of clips according to the tape width: CB4 - 13 mm, CB5-16 mm,  CB6 - 19 mm
Packing: Carton, 1000pieces


Plastic clips are used for manual securing of lighter products, where there is no need for more robust wire clips.


Tin clips are used to join terminal polypropylene, polyester, and pet tapes in bonding and cargo fixing systems. Their porous interior prevents slipping after tightening the tape.

Types of metal clips for tapes according to the width :"13" -13 mm, "16" - 16 mm, "19" - 19 mm

CORNERS (angles)

Pressed paper angles, cut according to length, which protect the entire edge of the packed cargo and thus serve not only as protection but also stabilize the packed pallets or other cargo.

PP Corners – protect the edge only where tape is adjacent, it is very cheap and effective way of protecting the edges against damage.


The device for tape unwinding thanks to which the tape does not roll off from the roll after cutting factory protections. It has a container for clips and brake that guarantees that the tape does not roll off. The device makes it easy to move around with accessories for packaging. Application: PE and PP tapes with an inner diameter of 200mm or 406mm, and width of 190mm. Using the unwinding trolley you save 5-10% of tape as compared to work without the device.


Manual device for packing by fastening tape with connection by wire or PP clips


Manual device for packing by fastening tape with connection by fastening tin clip


Machines  for vertical and horizontal packages strapping using tapes designed to all industries, that provide:

  • high speed of operation
  • strapping packages of different sizes
  • the possibility of inclusion in every production line
  • operation in extreme ambient conditions
  • Easiness of operation
  • Functionality and safety
  • Reliability and accuracy


Welder,  or universal electric tensioner is a  high quality welding equipment designed for cargo that require strong banding. The tensioner operates with strips of a width of 9-15 mm. The tape is placed in the tensioner and automatically tensioned, welded by friction and then cut off. It is a battery operated device with high performance and low operating costs. Thanks to autonomous power supply, its range of operation is unlimited, because it is independent on a fixed constant power source. The device does not require the use of clips.