Agricultural Commodities

Silotite ® Foil, the first in the market five layer film for silage

  • width: 75 cm or 50 cm
  • Length: 1500 meters
  • color: white
  • packed in cartons

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Ensilage films

In the production of our film we use the suitable raw materials which provide very good resistance to mechanical damage. The three-layer structure provides long-term impermeability to heat radiation. Improved performance of the silo is obtained by the use of black and white film. White layer of the film is supposed to reflect sunlight and reduce the temperature inside the silo, whereas the black layer should maintain proper internal temperature.

Available widths: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 300m

Film length: 25, 33, 150, 300

Film thickness in µ: 120, 150, 200

Colors: black, black and white


Ecobull net is the latest generation product for harvest packaging. It is a modern and sturdy product coming in weight-optimized roll. Maintaining strength the Ecobull net is so light that one person can easily place the roll in the press without much effort.

Product Features:

  • accurate and tight logs strapping
  • equal area of ​​the log
  • the possibility to gather fragmented ground swath
  • carrying handles - for increased safety
  • suitable for any type of harvest and each rolling press
  • each roll is UV stabilized,
  • made ​​in the latest technology
  • lighter weight of roll to ensure maximum operating comfort

Width: 123 cm

Length: 2000 meters


agricultural twine

color: white

Weight: 4 kg

Length: 2000 meters

strength: 80kg or 48 kg (of your choice)


  • Confidence of binding
  • minimum length
  • High strength
  • UV stabilizations
  • Stability of quality
  • Easiness to unwind

Duck type rRepairing type
Perfect for all kinds of repairs such as conduits made of plastic, rubber, foil or tents. It has high initial adhesive strength and resistance to changes in weather. It has a UV filter.

Width: 5 cm or 10 cm

Length: 50 m

Colors: white, yellow, green, blue, red, green

DUCK type r Alpha

Repairing tape